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Hazard Control in Tunnelling and Underground Engineering (CN37-1516/U; ISSN 2096-5052) is a professional academic journal published worldwide, governed by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Shandong University.

The journal aims to support the forefront of international academic research, providing a multidisciplinary and open academic exchange platform for professionals, scholars, and graduate students engaged in tunnelling and underground engineering.

The journal focuses on reporting important research findings in the fields of tunnelling and underground engineering worldwide, including progress, hazard prediction and prevention, safety control, informatization, intellectualization, and interdisciplinary research. It also highlights the application of new technologies, methods, equipment, and techniques in tunnelling and underground engineering, so as to promote the exchange of academic theories and innovative ideas within the field.

The journal is published on the 20th of the third month of each quarter. The price is 100 CNY per issue, and 400 CNY for annual subscription.


Subscription Methods:

1. Subscribe through local post offices nationwide. Postal issuing code 24-283;

2. Directly contact the Editorial Office of Hazard Control in Tunnelling and Underground Engineering for subscription. Contact person: Song Yan.

Subscription Process:

1. Remit the payment to Shandong University using the following bank information:

Account Name: Shandong University (山东大学)

Recipient: Bank of China, Jinan Licheng Branch.

Bank Code: 104451040267

Account Number: 244206255768

Phone: 0531-88364677

Note: Please indicate 'Journal Subscription for Hazard Control in Tunnelling and Underground Engineering' in the remarks.

2. After the payment is completed, send the remittance receipt to the editorial office via tunnel@sdu.edu.cn, or inform us by phone at 0531-88366735.


Contact Information of the Editorial Office:

Mailing Address: Editorial Office of Hazard Control in Tunnelling and Underground Engineering, Room B733, Mingde Building, Shandong University, No. 27 South Shanda Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

Post Code: 250100

Telephone: 0531-88366735

Website: http://tunnel.sdujournals.com

Email: tunnel@sdu.edu.cn

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Published Date: June 3, 2021.

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